What Is Medela Breast Pump?

Perhaps Medela Symphony is among the best double breast pump with high ratings. Since Medela Symphony targets to Hospital instead of individual mom. Some moms might rent it. Some moms might purchase other hospital grade breast pump as opposed to use Medela Symphony. The Good: Efficient, Comfort, Quiet – The Bad: Bulky, Expensive – Breast Pump Ratings – Efficiency Strong and Two Phase Suction Level and Not Manually Adjustable Suction Cycle – The rating of Medela Symphony in Efficiency is AWESOME. Medela Symphony is absolutely efficient with a suction level and 40-120 cycles per minute. Medela combines the suction strength and suction cycle in two phases.

For the stimulation phase, the suction cycle is about 120 per minute. And the suction cycle is about 45-78 per minute in expression phase. Let down feature is available. Almost all moms feel the suction is wonderful and the pumping rhythm is completely matched. Even though the suction speed can’t be adjusted independently, hard to express and very sensitive moms still love Medela Breast Pump. Medela Symphony begin pumping in Stimulation Phase of the Phase. Whenever your let down appear, press the let down button to go to the Expression Phase for the most efficient pumping. Moms can’t adjust the suction cycle manually.

Nevertheless, most moms mention the suction speed is quite good and suitable to them. The card remembers the last Stimulation Phase vacuum setting g before switching to Expression Phase and returning to this setting in Stimulation Phase. Breast Pump Ratings – Closed System with Overflow Protection – Medela Symphony adopts well designed hygienic closed system. Back flow of breast milk to tubing and motor is prevented. Mold and virus are less inclined to appear. Moms may also save time to clean the tube along with other parts. Most moms feel it’s so far so good. The standard size is 24mm. 21mm, 27mm, 30mm and 35mm are available separately. Medela Symphony provide power cord and no battery pack is provided.

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