Vastu Tips for Good Health and Wealth

All of us are staying in a home. According to our lifestyle, it can be very different. Vastu Shastra is an old architectural science in India. Most people heard about Vastu Shastra but most of us are not known about that and why is it important? Normally Vastu Shastra defines the design principles, measurement, layout, ground preparation, an arrangement of space, and spatial geometry. In my article, I will describe what affects the spiritual vibrations of people’s homes. Vastu shastra has various solutions to keep your home and family members safe and healthy. Not only home problems Vastu tips may help you to be safe from infections, seasonal sickness, and provides you mental peace.

If we talk about the importance of vastu sastra , then it will teach you about the level of energy all things and particles in the universe have. All lands and buildings of the universe also have a vibration of energy. Our universe is made up of both positive and negative energy. Vastu Sastra’s only motive is to eliminating the negative energy from your premises and enhancing the positive energy which will be beneficial for us.

Some Benefits of Vastu Shastra:

  • Improving bonding and Relationships
  • Maintains good physical & mental health
  • Helps with Financial growth
  • Manage your Career growth
  • Academic improvement

Some people have different questions and doubts on their mind about Vastu Sastra. And here I will describe about those topics which may clear some doubts of them.


As we discussed above that Vastu Tips are the solutions to keep your home and family members safe and healthy from various unconditional problems. Not only home problems vastu tips may help you in to be safe from infections, seasonal sickness, and provides you mental peace, which is more important.

Some Vastu Tips are like:

  • Keep the North and East directions doors and windows in the morning. Lots of positive energy enters to the room with morning sunshine and kills the house germs.
  • Don’t place any medicine in the kitchen room. This may affects your health condition.
  • Always sleep facing the South direction. This will effects well on your digestive system problems, headache problems and prevent infectious illness.
  • Don’t place a gas cylinder, refrigerator, dustbin, invertors, in your bedroom.
  • Do not keep a plant with thorn inside your house which may be poisonous and can create health problems.


Vastu Sastra experts will always provide you the proper knowledge and tips to maintain good health of you with their expert advice. If you obey these tips, then you will get good health. Some Vastu Sastra Tips for good health are:

  • Keep the center of your house always empty or with very light furniture’s. This results in free energy flow.
  • Don’t place a mirror in front of the bed, because if mirrors reflecting a sleeping person then it drains their energy.
  • During drinking water keep your face towards the East or North-East for good health.
  • Keeping of a burning candle in the room of seek person in your house would recover faster.
  • Keep a picture of Lord Hanuman facing towards the south of the room will protect you from various health problems.


If you are getting ill several times in a month, then you have a problem of vastu in your home. The health problems like fever, cold, headache or body pain etc. are the negative effects of your house. This will affect your health as well as wealth. With our expert solutions and tips you can maintain a good health condition and this wit not affect your wealth. Some tips are:

  • Place a lamp near the water pot in the house. This will brings the positive energy and dispel the negativity from your home.
  • Don’t use knife edge pillow at the time of sleep. Experts say these pillows will provide irregular heartbeats while sleeping.
  • To avoid more expenditure, don’t place your Cash facing towards North direction. Simply put a mirror inside your drawer to gain your money.
  • Don’t place any electrical instruments near to your bed. This can make serious problems to you and your family.
  • At the south east wall Place your bed which will brings good news for you and your family.


In our life nothing is more important than health. Most of the people asking about health vastu tips. Due to multiple reasons we are getting ill. Vastu shastra has some features to solve your problems. Here are some tips:

  • An apple a day, keep the doctor away. This maintains good health.
  • Your angriness is your first enemy. So always smile, go smooth.
  • To maintain good health always prefer seasonal fruits.
  • Plan for an entertainment trip with your family once in six month to maintain good bonding and health issues.
  • Morning walk is more preferable to increase metabolism and circulation of blood.


To maintain good health of you as well as your family, you have to follow some tips of vastu experts. This will make your life better. Some tips are:

  • Suggest your family members to face towards east or north direction of your house during study or work. This will increase good memory.
  • If the taps of your home drips regularly then it produces negative energy and will affect our health. Try to not drip the same.
  • Don’t use the space below the stairs as a store room, kitchen or toilet; otherwise it can cause heart diseases and nervous sickness.
  • Do not make toilets and stairs in the northeastern corner of your home; it can cause health problems and affects the growth of children.
  • Place a holy basil or Tulsi plant in your home. This will purifies your interior and make you heathier.

I hope the above details will help you to find your solutions regarding your home Vastu problems. You can prefer an experts to get better result or solutions.