Side Effects Of Lemon juice & Water

A combination of lemon juice and warm water may do many good things within your body, including helping with weight reduction, improving your digestion, increasing your vitamin C intake, and of course, keeping you well hydrated.

1. Aids Digestion Lemon juice acts very comparable to saliva and digestion juices when it goes to your stomach. This encourages the liver to create more bile, which is required for much better digestion. And lastly, if you’re suffering from heartburn, belching and bloating, lemon juice might be the key that makes these things much less bothersome or makes them disappear completely. Cleanses Your System – Lemons also increase how frequently you urinate, which goes even further in getting those toxins out of your system. As soon as you drink the warm water with lemon, the citric acid goes to work to raise your enzyme function, which then helps your liver detoxify your body more efficiently.

Boosts Your Immunity – Vitamin C is perfect for your immunity system, and lemons have a lot of it. It also offers anti-inflammatory properties, allows for more iron absorption. Lemons also have potassium, which controls blood pressure level and stimulates brain and nerve function. Lastly, the anti-microbial properties of lemons keep you from getting as many colds and may even ward off the influenza virus. Balances pH Levels – Lemons start out as acidic, but they become alkaline food within the body. Once they’re metabolized, the acids vanish, allowing the mineral content to turn the blood more alkaline.

This matters a whole lot, because more diseases occur when your body is too acidic. In addition to that, lowering the acidity can reduce uric acid in the joints, and which leads to less pain and inflammation. Clears Skin – Obviously drinking plenty of water can give you clear skin, but did you know that the Vitamin C in lemons might help decrease blemishes and wrinkles, as well as combat harm from free radicals? The alkaline nature of the lemon may also banish some forms of acne. Enhances Mood – The mere scent of lemon is known to be a mood booster, and which might help reduce nervousness and depression.

The lemons contain negatively charged ions, which give your body more energy. These things all make you feel much more clear headed. Promotes Healing – Vitamin C is abundant in lemons, and that implies that lemons can promote healing of wounds, the strength of bones and healthful connective tissue and cartilage. Those good points, along with the anti-inflammatory properties, implies that Vitamin C may help you recover rapidly from injury or bodily stress. Freshens Breath Lemon smells delightful, which is the reason it works well as a breath freshener.

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