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Breast milk will be the main nutrient source for young babies. Milk supply won’t depend on the size of the breasts, so all women has got the same chance of giving exclusive breast feeding to her infant. During pregnancy, your body will produce the bodily hormone called prolactin that has the role of producing breast milk. After delivery, your body will continue producing this bodily hormone, and another bodily hormone called oxytocin that has role to get the milk come in to your nipples whenever your child sucks. Your body begins to produce breast milk on 8 week pregnancy. Breast milk stimulation is best done after delivery, though some below methods could be useful to induce breast milk production during pregnancy.

Keep hydrated

Water is core element needed by humans, especially women that are pregnant. Drinking sufficient water and putting caffeine down can stimulate your body to produce sufficient amount of prolactin that’s needed for milk production. Keep your diets healthy. During pregnancy, you’re always told to consume only healthful diet. This is very good to your baby and will let your body produce every substance needed for preparing birth and feeding. Make sure to consume greens, low cholesterol foods, and fruits. Spinach, broccoli, bitter melon, asparagus, carrot, almond, oatmeal, avocado, orange, and papaya are many foods you may like to put in your daily menu because all of them are high in folic acid that your body needs to prepare milk production and keep baby nourished.

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Give up smoking

Smoke is harmful for both your baby and your body. During pregnancy, you need to avoid smoke to make sure your prolactin growth isn’t decreasing as a consequence of smoke intake. The way to Stimulate Milk Postpartum – Even though your body has started producing milk during pregnancy, it could be possible that within a matter of days after delivery the breast milk won’t come in. Since only few females are naturally unable to breastfeed, you’ll have to stimulate your breasts to let the breast milk come in. Breast milk stimulation after delivery is a lot easier than the one during pregnancy.

You can consider doing 1 or 2 things below. Keep yourself relaxed. Baby delivery could be stressful and exhausting, and therefore affects milk production process. You’ll have to be relaxed in order to let your body release oxytocin bodily hormone that’s needed to let breast milk produced inside the breasts come in. Do early contact with your baby. Midwives always advises new mothers to put their naked newborn on top of their chest. This means to trigger the baby to find mothers nipples by instinct. When baby tries to suck the nipples, mothers body is told to start releasing oxytocin, knowing that milk is required by your baby. Feed your baby frequently and regularly.

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